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Free Educational Assessment
We offer a free educational assessment for every child and create a personalized, individual learning programme to address each child’s learning needs.
Finding the Right Tuition for your Child in Walkden
A solid educational foundation is very important for your child to reach their full academic potential..
Where students really improve
At Walkden Tuition Centre we know that each child is unique and we provide every student with the personalised attention they need to succeed.
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GCSE Exam Results 2012

It is only a few days until the GCSE exam results are disclosed and there are many student...

Tuition in Walkden

Tuition in Walkden; Qualified Maths, English and Science Tutors at Kip McGrath Walkden Tut...

Simple ideas to help children who struggle to learn times tables

Why doesn't my child know their tables? This is a question that I hear time and time again...


Message from Centre Director

Welcome to Kip McGrath Tuition Centre, Walkden. I’m the Director and owner of the Centre and I’m passionate about bringing the best out of every child.
I have a team of experienced and dedicated teachers and our aim is simply to help every child… Read More



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